eLaLiga 2021

Digital media test.

︎ Test for a job position
︎ 2020
︎ Made in a day of work and research

In november I got an interview for a job position in a Madrid based agency: they liked my work and overall profile but wanted me to see what I can do in a limited time and specific situation.
They asked me to design a couple of pieces for the eLaLiga 2021 (esports LaLiga Santander) reinterpreting the branding guidelines plus some ideas/proposals. After a full day of research and work, this is what I presented to them:


Here’s my design for the “Vuelve” piece, following a similar approach from the official guidelines but going for a more gaming/esports tone, specially in the usage of typography︎︎︎

And this is my second approach for the same pieces, only taking the basics from guidelines (colors and structures) but going all in with the gaming tone, applying dramatic changes in textures, noises, and overall a saturated composition︎︎︎

The third request was proposing ideas for a halloween themed, conversation and community driven social media pieces︎︎︎

That was it. Ended up not getting the job, but I’m proud of the results and overall level I manage to achieve in a very low time.

*Disclaimer: I do not own the images or logos presented in the pieces above, which are property of LaLiga Santander and GettyImages. This is just a way to showcase my work.


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