UI - Website redesign.

︎ UI Website Redesign
︎ Personal project
︎ 2018

A self initiated project to practise with Figma: the UI redesign concept for the website, both desktop and mobile versions.

Even thought it recently received an update of its visuals, I think it’s quite underwelming: it looks aged and in general displays too much disorganized information, considering the size and importance of the site itself (top 3 Spanish video games news portal).

Taking a similar approach and structure, my take consists on reorganizing the elements so they look cleaner and much easier on the eye and friendlier to the final user. I limited myself to the home and review pages, so it shows different scenarios without wasting time on anything else. as you can see it today. ︎︎︎

Here’s my redesign of the landing page ︎︎︎

And my redesign for the standard video game review [text based + number score] ︎︎︎

A look at how the comment section looks (a very important part of the site, community based driven) ︎︎︎


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