UI - Website redesign.

︎ Personal project
︎ June 2018
︎ Figma only project

A self initiated project to practise with Figma: the UI redesign for the website, both desktop and mobile versions.
Even thought it got an update of its visuals recently, I think it’s quite underwelming, it looks aged and has too much “not vital” information, considering the size and importance of the site itself (probably top 3 Spanish video game news portal).

︎︎︎ as you can see it today.

Taking a similar approach and structure, my take consists on reorganizing the elements so they look cleaner and much easier on the eye and friendlier to the final user.

Here’s my redesign of the landing page ︎︎︎

And my redesign for the standard video game review [text based + number score] ︎︎︎

A look at how the comment section looks (a very important part of the site, community based driven)︎︎︎


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