Film Festival 2021.

︎ UI Website Redesign + Branding
︎ Client: lachiribita & Cinephone
︎ 2021
Designing a new website for an short film festival where the pieces are filmed using only smartphones.

Through the collaboration between lachiribita and Cinephone, they asked me to redesign their new website following the 10th Edition of the Festival.

I was given the general structure the new website had to follow, so my role was focused on the user interface and visual cohesion of the site. 

My friend Víctor was in charge of programming the whole site ︎

I also had to design a special edition of their original logo, highlighting that it’s a special edition, the 10th one ︎︎︎

This is how their website looked like before ︎︎︎

A quick look at the wireframes ︎︎︎


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