Quebrando la Cultura Pop.

︎ Crowdfunding project (Verkami)
︎ October 2020
Break is an independent magazine project about pop culture with a cultural approach featuring films, comics, video games, books and popular culture as a whole. It was created to be funded primarily by the public via Verkami and Héroes de Papel as the publisher.

- Director:  Juan Carlos Saloz
- Co-Director: Saida Herrero
- Community Manager: Randy Meeks
- Audiovisual: David Molina

My role in the project is to be the Art Director:
- Creating the brand (logo design, colors, typography, brand guidelines, structures...).
- Designing the magazine #0 (covers, interior layouts and photography editing).
- Support to the Community Manager providing any pieces needed for Social Media usage.
- Contacting and supervising illustrators when commissioned a specific art piece needed for the publication (in this case, primarily the illustrated back cover).
- Designing all the elements to use throughout the campaign (bookmark, shirts, face mask, a special book, a box for storing the magazines, an album for stickers...)

︎︎︎ Back cover illustration by Ainhoa García 

Special Book about Asian films ︎︎︎ Art piece ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ themed ︎︎︎


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