Quebrando la Cultura Pop.

︎ Crowdfunding project (Verkami)
︎ October 2020
Break is a magazine independent project about pop culture with an cultural approach about films, comics, video games, books and pop culture in general. It was created to be funded mostly by the public via Verkami and Héroes de Papel as the publisher.

- Director:  Juan Carlos Saloz
- Co-Director: Saida Herrero
- Community Manager: Randy Meeks
- Audiovisual: David Molina

My role in the project is to be the Art Director:
- Creating the brand (logo design, colors, typography...).
- Designing the magazine #0 (covers, interior layouts and photography editing).
- Support to the Community Manager providing any pieces needed for Social Media usage.
- Contacting and supervising illustrators when commissioned a specific art piece needed for the publication (in this case, primarily the illustrated back cover).
- Designing all the elements to use throughout the campaign (bookmark, shirts, face mask, a special book, a box for storing the magazines, an album for stickers...)

︎︎︎ Back cover illustration by Ainhoa García 

Special Book about Asian films ︎︎︎ Art piece ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ themed ︎︎︎


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