Una introducción a la arqueología en y de los videojuegos.

︎ Editorial + Illustration
︎ Client: JAS Arqueología
︎ 2020

This book serves as a general introduction to archaeogaming: it describes the intersection between archaeology and video games, and applies archaeological theory and method to understand video games as fields as well as artefacts.
The project includes the entirety of the book's design, from the cover to the interior layouts.

The client wanted me to combine in a single image the concepts of «archaeology» and «gaming», so I started investigating the visual language of each.

After some initial exploration, I decided that the best approach would be a clean layout with a custom illustration, featuring parts of a controller —combined with motherboard components— covered in rust  and sand tones, reminiscent of the aesthetics of archeological images.

︎︎︎ Cover illustration detail 
︎︎︎ Illustration sketch


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